sinton dj is Sinton Vignos.

www.facebook.com/sinton.vignos will provide up to date information about what I’m about.

I’m a dj who is a musician.  I started with Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Jean Michelle Jare’s Oxygene, Tony Grund’s piano lessons.  I play as much music as I can, eclectically, leaning on Reggae, Soul, Funk, House, Hip Hop, Loop Driven Edits, DnB.  I am completely uninhibited as to what I’ll play.  Some have described my djing as, “i never know what he’ll play next.

I spent 3 years in New Haven, CT at Yale University honing skills, moved to NYC worked some more for 9 years and now reside in Atlanta, GA working 3-4 days a week and likely will work more and more.  At your service, I remain.  Please inform me as to your sound design, dj and music needs.